he same easy way, to my own● satisfaction, but when I got mad

emois●elle’s point of view I was hearti▓ly ashamed of my French and very s▓oon rectified all that by hard study, to h▓er delight.The teacher of English ●was the Reverend Mr.Johnson.He h●elped out his salary, which was inadequa●te to his needs, by mending shoes, which▓ he did well. The music

teache▓r, Monsieur Torria


ni, was als▓o a joy.Thoroughly competent, most a▓ppreciative of good work, it was a deli▓ght to work for him.My music had▓ become my great pleasure; and, whe▓n I took my first lesson from this charming,▓ appreciative Italian, I felt I● was going to have a delightful yea●r at school, whatever the privation▓s might be.Madame assigned me two hours▓ for practice, but very soon ●I felt that was not enough a●nd begged her to let me have another hour.She s▓aid it was impossible; there were on●ly three{180} pianos in the school and I al▓ready had more than my share of thes●e three.I still worried her, an▓d at last she said: “If you are willing● to get up early and practise an hour on th▓e piano in the drawing-room, you▓ may do

it; but it will be h


ar●d, for it will have to be before the f●ire is made up.” I accepted with man●y thanks; and all that winter I got up at s●ix, broke the ice in my pitcher to perform my● hasty ablutions, and putting o●n my cloak took my candle into the drawing-room▓, and often with tears rolling▓ down my cheeks practised that hour!▓ My hands were so swollen with chilblains● that I was ashamed to take my mus▓ic lesson. I began to take▓ singing lessons, too, and spe●nt the whole of six months on exercises befor▓e I took a single song.I can ne▓ver forget my delight when Monsieu●r Torriani applauded my first song〃埅a very high, lovely little song from the● opera of “Martha.” “Dormi pur ma, il m●io riposo tu m’ai tolto, ingrato cor Buo

na n●otte, buon dor


mir.” I had a ●very small, sweet voice, with clear, birdlike●, high notes, but it seemed so very little, f●or we had a girl in school w▓ith a beautiful big voice, Sallie McCoulloug●h, such a sweet, good, simple▓ girl.If she had been more sophi▓sticated she{181} would have had a happier l●ife.M.Torriani took delight in train▓ing and developing her voice, which was quite fi▓t for opera, but she was no actress,● and failed to make the success she should hav▓e made through that.Dear, big, sweet,▓ simple Sallie! Every one loved her, and when● we got her to sing “Home, Sw●eet Home” and other old songs in th▓e schoolroom in the dusk without accompanime●nt, we all wept quarts.One day I ●said to M.Torriani that I was goi●ng to

stop my singing less






ons, that I had● no voice and it was only a mortifica▓tion. He asked with a great air o▓f respect: “Did you think of goin●g on the stage” “Oh, Monsi●eur Torriani, don’t make fun of me▓.I am too wretched.I have so little v●oice, it really is none, and I w●ould so love to sing.” Then● he sobered down and said: “Made●moiselle, y

ou must not stop.▓ Your voice is little but very sweet

and vou▓s avez le feu sacré.You

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cannot sto●p.You will give more pleasure all your life ●than many a big voice.You will b▓ring comfort to the sad heart.No●, you must not stop, you!” Then he ●went on to ask how long I practi●sed at a time, and I told him▓ half an hour.“Oh, nevair,{182} nevair,”● he exclaimed, and told me ne●ver to practise more than ten minutes ▓a

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t one time, and to spare an▓d protect my “precious little instrument,” ▓as he called it, i

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